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Tribal Weed Leaf Yellow Mouse Pad

Tribal Weed Leaf Yellow Mouse Pad

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Revamp your desk's look with the "Tribal Weed Leaf" Yellow Mouse Pad. Made of non-slip neoprene and showcasing a standout design, it's a must for cannabis aficionados with an artistic flair.

πŸƒ Tribal Weed Leaf Mouse Pad: Embellish your workspace with a unique tribal cannabis design set against a vibrant yellow backdrop.

🌼 Striking Yellow Canvas: Add a splash of color to your desk with this lively hue.

πŸ”„ Shape It Your Way: Whether you love round or rectangular, we've got you covered.

🍁 Distinct Cannabis Emblem: A tribal interpretation of the iconic marijuana leaf for the artsy stoner.

πŸ’» Superior Neoprene Material: Enjoy smooth mouse operations and extended durability.

🚫 Non-Slip Grip: Ensures your mouse pad stays put, even during the most intense computing sessions.

πŸ“ Dimensions: Round - 8" Diameter; Rectangle - 9.25" x 7.75"

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