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"Plant Daddy Female Plant" - Mouse Pad

"Plant Daddy Female Plant" - Mouse Pad

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Homegrown or outdoor-grown cannabis makes you a Plant Daddy! Display your Sinsemilla pride at your computer with your own Plant Daddy mouse pad!

This Mouse Pad is carefully printed with brilliant color, no fade, no wrinkle. High-Quality computer mouse pad edges are finished so as to not fray, deformation, and degumming in prolonged use. And edge even the seams at the edge are flat, comfortable for your wrists and hands. The soft and dense non-skid nature rubber base keeps this desk pad firmly in place. 

Just immerse yourself in your work or games without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement. The texture is denser with high-pressure treatment. The mouse can be quickly moved and accurately positioned on the slick surface. Great for your laptop, computer & pc. 

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